Burma VJ - Academy Award Nominee – Best Documentary Feature - UK film release

The co-operative presents A Film By ANDERS ØSTERGAARD

Armed with video-cameras a tenacious band of Burmese reporters face down death to expose the repressive regime controlling their country

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The Burma Play a comedy of terror



"A unique show that sensitively evokes the long suffering of a people through bittersweet comedy... beautiful music... snappy and sensitive writing... excellent actors... polished directing... wonderful to see such a committed piece of theatre" - Fringe Review

"Defiantly tragi-comic" - The Scotsman

"... a vital glimpse of the courage and suffering of the Burmese people. I warmly recommend it"
- John Pilger


A popular entertainer struggles to restore his damaged memory by going over his life and times, and those of his country. All he can recall is darkness and fear.

His colleague pushes him to face the past. Re-playing their repertoire of gags, wordplay and sketches prompts blazing insights into his present circumstances. Along the way, Burma’s history is told in a series of ingenious quick-cutting scenes, in turn darkly funny, poignant, and tragic.

A story told with flair, biting humour, virtuoso performances and original live music, the burma play sprints through the long history of the twentieth century to bring the nightmare of Burma bang up to date.

Available for performance

With the support of The Co-operative, the burma play is available for performances where it will be of most influence and value.

To host the play, or just to get in touch, contact mail@theburmaplay.com

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