Burma VJ - Academy Award Nominee – Best Documentary Feature - UK film release

The co-operative presents A Film By ANDERS ØSTERGAARD

Armed with video-cameras a tenacious band of Burmese reporters face down death to expose the repressive regime controlling their country

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FilmAid International is a charity that uses film to educate and inspire displaced peoples across the world.

With The Co-operative’s support, FilmAid is currently extending its programmes to Thailand, which is host to approximately 150,000 registered refugees living along its western border with Burma.

Large numbers of refugees, many of whom were born in the camps, face an indeterminate future with pressing practical, cultural and psychological needs that go beyond the fundamental requirements of food, shelter and medicine.

Through public screenings, FilmAid will educate and inform on crucial matters such as cultural orientation, resettlement issues and health concerns, as well as promoting social cohesion through a shared experience.

Through our Participatory Video Programmes FilmAid will also train refugees to shoot and screen their own films, thus providing a platform to address issues specific to their own communities and the national communities that host them.

The power of film lies in its ability to captivate audiences, both at large screenings and more intimate gatherings. FilmAid’s work on the Thai border will use that power to provide help where it is most needed.

Donate to FilmAid's project on the Thai-Burmese border: http://www.justgiving.com/filmaid-btb/


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