Burma VJ - Academy Award Nominee – Best Documentary Feature - UK film release

The co-operative presents A Film By ANDERS ØSTERGAARD

Armed with video-cameras a tenacious band of Burmese reporters face down death to expose the repressive regime controlling their country

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The Saffron Premiere

Hosted by Vivienne Westwood

On 14th July at 8:30pm, the nationwide Saffron Premiere of Burma VJ took place.

Packed cinemas in 40 locations all across the country were satellite-linked LIVE to BAFTA in London. Things kicked off with an introduction from Paul Monaghan (Head of Social Goals at The Co-operative) ,who then, to the delight of the audience, handed over to Dame Vivienne Westwood.

Having welcomed everyone and having given an impassioned plea for harmony and understanding, Dame Vivienne gave way on the stage to five Burmese monks who pronounced a chant to bless the screening and it was time for the film.

After the film a special message was broadcast from Richard Gere, thanking everyone for attending, and thanking the filmmakers for the brave piece of cinema just witnessed.


The evening finished with a Q&A comprising of Paul Monaghan, Anders Ostergaard (Director of Burma VJ), Joshua (Burmese Video Journalist for Democratic Voice of Burma) and Mark Farmaner (Director of The Burma Campaign UK). As well as fielding questions from the audience at BAFTA, a selection of great questions were picked from close to a hundred texts that came in from around the country and put to the panel – check back here to see all these being posted online in the next few days.

The historic satellite premiere was made possible by the thousands of people around the country who turned out to support the film. Check back here for videos from the night and more pictures.

Have a look at the videos and pictures from the night.

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